Didi’s Downtown, located in the heart of Frisco Texas, is the third oldest house built in Frisco – 1912. This is a funky little shack that’s filled with locals, great food, and incredible live music, unlike any venue in the state. Didi’s is named after Chef and Owner Scott Hoffner’s mom – her name was Diane, and all of the kids called her Didi. Didi’s is an homage to Scott’s mother and everything she loved about family, food, and fun.
Some of the dishes unique to Didi’s are the Texican Chicken, Buffalo Short Rib Eggrolls, Tuna on Fire, The Best Meatloaf Ever, and Hot Fudge Pie. Follow Didi’s Downtown on Facebook, Instagram, or check their website to stay in the loop about upcoming bingo nights, live music, and mouthwatering features!

ADDRESS: 7210 Main St., Frisco, TX 75033

PHONE NUMBER: 469-888-4020

EMAIL: didisdowntowntx@gmail.com

WEBSITE: http://www.didisdowntown.com